Zunhammer / liquidManure Mod

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Zunhammer - liquidManure Mod

This is version 1.2

The mod package contains:
– Zunhammer 18500 PU
– Zunhammer Vibro grubber
– Vogelsang Schleppschlauch
– Möscha Duo-Schwenkverteiler

– Zunhammer Docking-Station
– Zunhammer FrontDock

– A hose

– Kotte Container
– Kotte Transporter

Naming all functions here is impossible …
But the basic princcipal of this mod is,
that you have to step out of your tractor and connect the trailers by hose manually.
You may use the DockingStation or the FrontDock to speed up (or slow down – depending on you driving skills) the process of establishing a valid connection between the vehicles allowing to pump liquid manure from one to an other vehicle.

You propably want to edit your map and insert the “MapHoseRefStation” which is necessary to pump liquid manure out of a bunker by hose (cows, bga or pigs from the Pig Mod: http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/31966).
This “extra mod” will be made available seperatly (evetually in the feedback thread).

You can still pump liquid manure from the default triggers either with the Kotte Transporter/Zubringer or by lowering the fill arm of the Zunhammer 18500 PU completly.

The vehicle, which hauls/pulls the trailers needs ‘manualIgnition’!
We recommend to use the global maualIgnition script and remove anylocal installations of manualIgnition, as this can be the reason for some errors.

We recommend to use the global ES-Limiter

modell: daniel11
texture: daniel11
ingame: fruktor
script: fruktor

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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