ZDT MEGA 33 V1.0

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Bilaterally tipping bucket-tipping to the rear and to one side of the customer.
The conical tub ensure easy emptying of cohesive materials, smooth walls.
Hydraulic lift with hydraulic tailboard Zama.
The useful volume of 30.5 m ³.
Hopper window in the rear face.
Basic dimensions (mm)
max. length 9670
max. 2550
max. height with supers 3790
length of the loading area 7850
Platform width 2148/2248
volume (m³) 30.4 / 34 / 39.2
max. height when tilting backwards 8650/8834
max. height when tilting to the side 4162/4570
Weight (kg)

standby 8650/8770
useful permitted 24350/18350
Total max. 33000/27000

Class Type sprung, cushioned hydr.tridem
track width (mm) 1950/2000
Wheelbase (mm) 1525/1525
tire size 425 / 65R22,5, 445 / 65×22,5, 560 / 60×22,5, 560 / 60R22,5 550 / 60×22,5, 560 / 60R22,5 AR02
connecting dimensions disk Ø280 / Ø335
number / size wheel bolts 10xM22x1,5
brake drum 406×140 (414S)
Brake operation type with two
hand-operated mechanical parking brake
General parameters

maximum speed of 40 km / h
The equipment connecting shackle Ø 50 / K80
drawbar load (empty / full) 1100/3000
climbing ability 9 ° -10 °
12V voltage wiring
air pressure in the brake system minutes. 650 kPa
hydraulic system pressure of 18 MPa

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Author: Model: Majky Textura: Lexik CZ Scéná?: LS JiraCz Idea / Concept: Tester: Marek BJ Ladis Jardis Smety Carlos Oriesok Modding Ostatní:

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