Wygorwiaste lasy map

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This is a map of Poland quite a large area, too I will not elaborate on it because its description is when loading the game. So yes, your map is kept Polish klimacik, there are two villages and two farms of similar sizes, on your map is much field, medium and small. Minor half the map is well – developed forest, it contains 4 clipping of trees, in which one is the size of these three combined. In areas where forestry clearance are also freshly cut trees ready to be pulled. A map has a small i3D therefore most suited to play MP. Good, it would be much of a description.

What is on your map:

  • Additional crops such as, rye, sunflower, poppy, clover, alfalfa
  • Manure v2
  • Slurry v2
  • Mod lime
  • Mod weeds
  • SuperSilo
  • Hen
  • Cow
  • Sheep
  • Wood to take in the forest
  • Interesting mountainous and lowland area
  • 2 farm
  • 2 villages
  • Small – and medium – sized fields
  • Many meadows
  • Ditches along roads
  • Mud


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Farming mods

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