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Here I would like to offer you my new map. The map was built without a template. It is provided nahezumit very many details, but was also fitted to the performance. Eigentlichsollte any PC grab this map, unless runterstellen, your settings a bit, for example, Very dasHardwareprofil from high to low, but normally it should run fine. For me it works durchgehendmit 57-60 FPS.
General Information Latest version 1.0 Matched to:
Patch 2.1 BETA Multiplayer Compatible: Yes Healthy (in the log.txt):Yes


  • Clover and alfalfa as a cover crop,
  • MapHoseRefStation at the E ON biogas plant and the Kuhgrube the main courtyard,
  • Kalk-/Mist- Güllemod,
  • Purchasable E ON biogas plant,
  • Purchasable farm with biogas plant,
  • wide. Gates to open with the MapDoorTrigger,
  • Traffic light system with built-in flash function (when run over a red light 350 € penalty to pay),
  • Completely new designed scenery with unique road network,
  • 2 wide. Courtyards, one of which is purchasable,
  • 2 outlets (Agravis country trade, grain Roth),
  • 2 villages,
  • 3 Forestry Forests for the soon to be released Forstmod,
  • Many purchasable fields,
  • ~70ha of arable land,
  • Traffic, pedestrians in the village, milk truck,
  • Cows, chickens, sheep.

Required Mods:

  • MapHoseRefStation.zip MapHoseRefStation
  • Buyable Map Object
  • MapDoorTrigger
  • MapAmpeln V1

Contact Facebook fan page: facebook.com/nkbmodding
Website: Projects – NKB Modding

Builder of the map, and so the author about this project
– Deere6800 (NKB-Modding)

Special thanks to:
PDA map: Sepple
Performance: Sudden
Installation of MapBuyableObjects: Bluebaby210

Div. Objects, textures, scripts and small things:
NKB Modding , bahoo222, Toxic1708, Fatian, fruktor, GCG Modding, John Deere 6930, Katsuo, Typhoon, martinbigM500, Steffen30muc, Bluebaby210, Desperados93, Andii, Chrisii, BM Modding, Wild fox, Kolbenfresser, luxfarm, ZEFIR, Eribus, Baue3rR, B34STx, Raptor5, pfreek, mailman, Jauch Paule, SLJ agricultural, Macoholic, TakerLS, pendrek6, mati7766, tobi89, LS-country technology, Upsidedown, TMT Modding, Nick98.1, GIANTS .

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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