West Bridge New Design V4.0

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This MAP is an EXTREMELY converted standard map.

Required mods: WaterMilkTrailer, StopMilkSale, C_Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500, Placeable_Schweine_u_RinderMast_mit_Metzgerei

What has changed:

  • Compatible Immediately to AnimationMapTrigger!
  • Adapted PDA
  • LOG is clean (NO errors and errors)
  • Built-in mixing station
  • Digital displays installed (food storage, root crops, wood chips)
  • BGA new covered silo
  • BGA manure sale
  • Mist sale at garden center
  • New feedlots for hogs and cattle installed (including statistics on the menu.)
  • Butcher installed (see PDA) in Monent for pigs sale
  • Einfebaut Basin at the court
  • Revised timber sales
  • In the sea now grows no more meadow
  • Eggs can be collected at the chickens now
  • Trees are added at the fields (helper problem solved)
  • Improved performance of MAP
  • MAP approximately 20MB made smaller
  • Hof revised
  • Very large fleet right at the beginning.
  • Pig and cattle fattening (latest version) In animals Menu available (see pictures)
  • Hof revised
  • New PDA
  • Trains can now be sent
  • Revised water
  • Revised traffic
  • Revised timber sales
  • Improved farm
  • Washing area for vehicles built on the farm
  • New shelter at the big woods
  • Crane in timber sales
  • In the village, an area for the building of relay
  • And much much more …
  • Created farm from scratch
  • Added Holzmod
  • Added 2 forests
  • All animals on the farm
  • Food storage with conveyors
  • Selling milk manually
  • BGA on the farm
  • Approximately 10 fields less
  • Inserted Sea
  • Insert beach
  • Chips stock
  • Fruits of the earth stock
  • Unloading points are now all in the city
  • Laid stations
  • Processing all fields
  • Built mountain range
  • Very rich in detail
  • Guellen pit installed
  • Other cowshed

MarcoG1983, john666

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Farming mods

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  1. Leeroy1977

    Absolutely awesome map, All the features you need to fully enjoy this game!!!!

  2. Williams

    Hi, I will try to write and I would like most of the people to realise this kind of work to read,I like very much a lot of maps made it by the german persons and I love it ,they are beautiful but like the polish people also they have beautiful maps but please people write in english because most of the people don’t understand german or polish , this is the reason in youtube nobody play or publish yours maps because they don’t understand what you write we must to guess , I am not english or something like that but in the school I learn english because is international and most of the persons know that language compare with german or polish , thankyou for your work but sometime is for nothing if I don’t understand(me and a lot of people) who would like to play and enjoy but we don´t understand.

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