Welcome to Mecklenburg v3.0

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Welcome to Mecklenburg , the third and last .
After extensive testing and some modifications I offer you now the final version of my map.
The hell then have been, for I will take my leave here out of business.

What is now with the map:
So it still happened a few modifications.
On the farm , the storage facilities have moved around a bit .
Bearings for Runkeln and sugar beet are drawn into the open, as it does every farmer until today.
Potatoes now have an entire hall for themselves.
Almost all storage places are marked with lettering .
At the court left the lake shore is another place to Heulagern happened. Seen by three legs also called Hay squatting positions .
All planning should now go .
Traffic Traffic is no longer negative I noticed and when a car times should go somewhere firmly so the alcohol level is probably to blame
or it will be like driving in real life with a knife between his teeth.
Who ‘s bothering , which should be the judge yourself.
Tiersplines should also work.
Textures and models have been selected according to the favor of the builder and so everyone has to live or it can be hell .
Pictures of the unloading points are corrected and placed as a zip in the Gesamtzip at .
So unpack zip and the map in the Modsordner .
There are no special installed scripts, except those that are specified for the operation of the individual mods by its builders .
MapDoorTrigger are not fitted separately and the colis for some gates are removed , so that you can work safely with CP.
The colis in near-field objects are removed so that the helpers can not hang.
I have installed a couple of loading and unloading points on field boundaries where you can load manure or fertilizer.
You can recognize them by phantom pile .
Standard fruits plus oats, rye and Futterueben ( Runkeln ) are installed .
Cattle must be supplied with feed, bedding and water.
All standard types of livestock available plus cattle and pig of Marhu .

Description of the Map in general:
The map has a central courtyard with associated warehouses for grain and potatoes , as well as a few storage places for root crops and feed.
Available places for grass silage and I have omitted , because it stores no peasant grass, but mow it and fed it then .
Silage is also brought out of the silo and then fed directly or otherwise consumed.
The only storage for feed is installed in fattening cattle barn to house highly mixed feed , the feed plant in ( mixing station ) can be produced .
Straw can be stored in the dugout before the pigsties , as well as hay.
The Milchviestall is ausmistbar in the barn and the manure pile behind the barn can be used as an intermediate storage ( Kapatität in the barn 10000 l)
So clean out once a day !
Just like the dung heap of the fields are used for temporary storage .
There are three places indicated on the map in which some delivery receipts for agricultural products are creating . ( Use maps )
Weitehin there is a grain marketing , a sugar mill , an oil mill and a Kartoffelveredlung work .
A train station is also available on the unloading points are all products of the map . ( Unloading ramp or visible places )
Trains also go , but they are only for decoration .
On the grounds of the KFL can pick up or even sell its full purchased machinery and equipment .
Stations are located in any place and in ACZ you can pick up manure.
Three pastures are built on the map where you have to feed the cattle with feed and water. The pasture in the southeast of the map has a feeding site .
The others only have to fill water trucks .
The remaining feeders are installed in the dairy barn , which can also be eingesteut . Is Eingesteut behind the cows just is cleaned out there.
I stress again , since there was already to inquiries.
There are some gimmics installed that should cheer up a bit of everything . Deer , pig, fox and rabbit are to be found somewhere on the map .
Robbery and other birds flying around .
Mapbegrenzungen are wanted, because Mecklenburg is not located in the high mountains ( So no mountains at the edges ) ( has also been criticized )
The landscape shows a cross section of the MV Endmoränenland to the Baltic Sea beach with its cliffs and leisure baths. (Hence the buses)
People are running around and the restaurant is also open .
All built within my means and my favor.
A BGA is not aware of it, since I have a negative attitude to these things , because as eco as it is always declared , they are not even remotely .
Monoculture , let bees dying because of lack of food and groundwater contamination regards.
It has been here enough to do with agriculture and everything else is but a rip .
Gravel pits and construction firms are also not available , because the game is called agricultural simulator.
And I do not know a farmer who picks up the bread from the bakery and bring to the small shop . (Just meat )
But this is as I said, up to you ..
Here the old traditional farming is done .
Objects and textures I have installed or changed according to my perception . (Such as . Grass grass is not , but a feed mixture , as it has been sown in the old LW)
Meadows must be created in the fields, because the landscape planting is not mähbar .
There are not hundreds of fields on the map , because no one can tell me that you since because even by looks .
Hectare figures I have only targeted because they are not relevant anyway. Two fields are still purchasable , the rest is stock of LPG.
Field size is between 4 to 15 hectares and is completely sufficient to bring themselves to the brink of insanity.
Decay is switched off .
Fields are not ordered, it can be sown but equal .
If you want to manage everything at once , then it should be enough for 5 to 10 multi- player on the Dediserver .
Otherwise CP must hold forth .
Landscape and objects are based on the old GDR agriculture.
Stables and warehouses can thereby only certain sizes of vehicles and you must be able to go on, to get through many a door .
No farmer is feeding with a 600 hp tractor and trailer 40t except in LS.
And one more note: my cows are not purple ! was just kidding


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