Welcome to Mecklenburg V1.0 (Beta)

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News from the GTSchmiede – Welcome to Mecklenburg.

Mods alone can not work without complex, so I built this foundation, according to my ideas. Did they only referred to as “map that will never complete” and it was a bit of truth contained therein, because construction is longer than one year. Eigendlich it should be only meant for a small circle of users, but after frequent request of some friends, I put them here now available to the public. It is perceived on the basis of my memories from older times to and since I’m a fan of the Osttechnik, it is also adapted to LPG hours.

There are included on the Map 3 villages and LPG, which manages the full range of normal agriculture. So pig, cattle breeding, milk production, and sheep on the farm and a few chickens. As the standard types of fruit crops, as well as rye, oats, alfalfa, clover and sunflower are installed. For more details you can seen on the pictures for clips.Thanks to all the mods I was able to block here, such as. Marhu with its great mods: I would also like to thank all the testers and friends who have supported me here active during testing.So, that should be only once been. Patch 2 and GE 5:03 are a must. One last.

The map has installed no special scripts and is prepared for the Course Play. some doors and gates have no coli, for example. Pasture. Trees, etc., which would interfere with the helper mode are without coli. I recommend the rubber car here from MH to transport the bales of straw. Ball bearing has been tested with him. Unzip and Welcome to Mecklenburg in the Modsordner. Other zip contains maps for orienting and print. So now have fun exploring and plow on this map.

This mod has been created solely by me. All parts of the map are home-built or compiled from freely available mods.

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