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Hello and welcome in the small area Fichtelberg in the south of Germany.
When acquiring these Modmap for Farming SImulator 2015 you expect small but
large fields, fields on the hillside, but also fields which are easy to master, without a lot of horsepower.
In the area there is a train station, a general store and a BGA that you run in the
deliver time and farming have. Also, the work to be learned with the cows must
in Fichtelberg. I hope you like it there just as well as me. Now I wish you a lot of fun,
and off we go!

Faking the Map ->
A small BGA (4 silos)
a main courtyard
8 fields (small to GIGANTIC)
A country store (Sets Ling sale added)
Send a station (point of sale) with train to go
A sawmill (New additions with train going to send)
Custom Scripts for improvement of performance (for weak computer)
GülleMistMod is installed
There are just cows
2 large meadows (one at the court, the other in the curve of the main Str)
GülleMistMod.zip needed

New in version 2 ->
New field lanes were installed.
New fields (very large)
fixed bugs
Sawmill remodeled (new area for set of trees)
GülleMistMod was installed (GMK in the modfolder)
Div. Fixed and renewed textures

SO, now I wühscne you have fun with the map. If you have questions, or errors, are only just support under Simu4you.de or on my Facebooksete 4×4 Modding

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Farming mods

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Author: Modell: Giants, Calli, 4x4 Modding Textur: Script: Idee / Konzept: Tester: Sonstige:

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