Vines pack placeablev1.5 FS 15 Weinreben

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V1.4 89 MBDownload Vines pack placeablev1.5 FS 15 Weinreben

Version 1.5 Final
Neu dazugekommen.
Lager für Trauben und Zucker Plazierbar (kann mit dem beigefügten Anhängern eingelagert und wieder aufgeladen werden)
Zuckerverkauf nun möglich (beim plazierbaren Trigger wo auch Trauben verkauft werden können.)
Traubenpresse überarbeitet (plane)
1 Achs trailer überarbeitet

version 1.4
Hotel Placeable (with sale of wine) and as (surprise looking at the wine was delivered exactly ^^ round)
Winzerrei angepast (floor leveling (locatable) also has a ramp to get as the sugar factory)
Beet can now sell to the sugar factory, and money is deducted for sugar (repurchase)
revised Abladetrigger
1 axle trailer to come, the same store as the already existing trailer.
Colli reinserted in the grapevine (you must because Bisle try to go for sale but now)

version 1.3
been added sugar factory (Placeable)
of large quantities of beet sugar is recovered which is then mixed with the grapes in the winery

version 1.2.1
Fixed the sale of wine Palette / n.Dies is now possible with the wool palletsSale.
(Sorry again)

Hello LS community,
On popular demand, I present to you my vines pack placeable.
The grapes of the mod works must -upk mod of mor2000 be downloaded.

The pack includes:
Vine and sale Trigger placeable and a trailer for harvesting. Simply the zip file in the Modsordner and additional UPK mod of mor2000 v0.9.8 and ready.

The mod may not be decompressed or renamed.
The mod may not be re-uploaded without permission!
Permission is granted to the mod with the original download link to parts!
So now have fun.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Modell: gigant/trailer Textur: Susi 28 Script: Susi 28 Idee / Konzept: susi 28 Tester: Susi 28/wingi Sonstige:

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