Weibach v3.0 Final

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This map is medium sized. It consists of 29 fields. There is a country store for sale of all types of cereals. Furthermore, a biogas plant fermenter with 3 and 2 silos is available. Some fields are kept quite flat, others have establish some hills. Opposite the courtyard there is a workshop , in which the gas station , because there are none on the farm. Wool is discharged back of the country store , eggs in the village in one of the houses . Water and liquid fertilizer can be filled at each fire hydrant on the map. The hydrants are verteielt around on the map. The manure in the biogas plant must be taken at the smaller “round” Fermanter . The cows are fed in the barn. In grain storage is a bunch of fertilizer, it can also be removed. Behind the shelter next to the main courtyard entrance is located next to the bunker silo and ann a fertilizer warehouse for fertilizer and lime. The doors of the halls can be over buttons to open pressure , up to the gates of the workshop, go alone on as soon as you approach . The Feldr must be purchased in the shop building. When you enter the building , is the icon on the left in the corner. The PDA has been adapted and provided with field numbers . Straw, hay , grass and bales can werdhen sold alongside the sheep grazing in the small shelter. At the residential house is the chicken coop , where the chickens lay their eggs. At night, the lights turn on in the workshop, in the barn and the yard of the workshop.

The following mods are required:
MapDoor trigger
Slurry, manure and lime Mod
A Grain Shovel

Jauch Paule

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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