Water tower V 2.1 for FS 2015

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Hello my dears.

by popular request I have yet decided to
to bring the water tower (placeable !!) in the LS 15th

His time has “ice_dealer” this tower built and he is the Urmodder of this tower !!
Thank you also for sharing! ! !

The water tower is to see placeable objects (pleacable) at the store once your the Zip.Datei simply in the
Mod folder have shipped.

As the water fill (with each water tank if Kotte or whatever) cost bissel money
I have a money income at the tower of 120, – / per hour discussed with the local water
and they have also agreed to here.
Thus, the water tower now has a gain of 120, – per ingame hour.

I refer again to “ice_dealer” as Urmodder.
I have completed the tower only for LS15 and bissel was changed or added to the nice part.

–A V 2.0 will soon follow. Here then Overload Pipe (overcharge hose) is I at the moment but still problems with the lock of the hose to a placeable object. (will work out)

I hope you have fun with the water tower and here at this point, –Unsinnige Kommentare–
to prevent. [We are not in kindergarten] Otherwise I have to stop the picking function.

So you’ve probably remains decent.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

you liked this mod !!! Send Some Tips to modder respect his hard work

Author: Modell: ice_dealer & Rumtreiber22 Script: Alex2009, Sven777b

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