VQ2 Hadenstedt V2.75

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VQ2 Hadenstedt
Delete files .grle in folder savegameX for continue your savegame and more instructions in .txt to continue game.

Crops: Wheat, barley, canola, grass, corn, oats, sunflower, soybean, poppy, corn V2, rye, green wheat, millet, spelled, cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion, cotton, peas, triticale
The W is indicated by producing crops straw and all are accepted at the pig farm and selling at the farm.


  • Pig farm
  • Mixing station.
  • Sale of manure.
  • Scale funtional.
  • Woolpalets.

Included Watermod to chickens, cows and sheep. (VQ2)
Digital displays functional for all farm silos. (VQ2)
Added another pig farm near the port.(VQ2)
Added another gas station in town. (VQ2)

* To harvest the pea, the harvester must accept erbse growing, not peas.

Changelog 2.75:

  • Added script HudHider.
  • Added script Player Camera.
  • Added script Accelerate time.
  • Removed field 43 and suaviado island.
  • Reduced soil loading zone mixing station.
  • Field 35 something bigger, placed next to 38.
  • Area of sheep and cows together.
  • Mixed fodder store substituted chaff.
  • Adjust position stores straw.
  • Changed location of breeding sheep.
  • Translate HUD of all types straw.

Changelog 2.65:

  • Remodeling dock down to field 13.
  • Smoothing field 43.
  • Resizing the space for hens.
  • Field 35 unseeded.
  • Changed channels crops to appear with the new feature in the pause menu.

Changelog 2.60:

  • Changed straw stores.
  • Added funtion all crops in pause menu (different colors).

Changelog 2.50:

  • Added breeding animals (calves, lambs and eggs).
  • Added entry to fields.
  • Fixed ParticleSystem conveyor manure and forage.
  • Added second bridge to pig farm on the river.
  • Change place sell point manure/liquidmanure.
  • Added way field 5 to camping.
  • Best entry to bridge.
  • New storage for chaff in the cow zone.
  • Change placard for english version.
  • To continue with your savegame, delete the file cultivator_density.grle, fruits_density.grle, grass_density.grle and stone_density.grle. Also see the video in support topic.

Changelog 2.40:

  • Creating field 43.
  • Added a storehouse for plant field between 43 and 42.
  • Warehouse has 42 large field jet fuel, seed and fertilizer.
  • Changed slaughterhouse situation (near field 43).
  • Added MapSiloBand straw (all), hay, grass, hay and silage mixed.
  • Added digital counter for all straw silo.
  • MapSiloBand Added to cow manure.
  • Converted stretch of road in the village to the farm.
  • Added POS straw (all more grass and hay) in PDA color green.
  • Change position missions Golf “field”.
  • Reduction size file .zip.
  • Removed all errors appearing in the log.
  • To continue with your game and the new prices, select and delete the file from careerSavegame.xml to .
  • I recommend delete the file cultivator_density.grle, fruits_density.grle, grass_density.grle and stone_density.grle.

Modell/fruit: Vanquish081
Michstation: Marhu
Schweinemast: Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu
Watermod: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Ein Wunsch von: Hardstyler
Umsetzung: Alex2009
Halls: easyhalls.com
store bales: Javier007
Schilder: Nick98_1
Gastation Repsol: Chuzonet
Digital Display: BGP
InGameMenuPause: BlueTiger / Team-SUB7
HudHider: CLOD
PlayerCamera: Desperados93
Accelerate time: upsideDown

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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