Volksholm Second Edition V1.3 Multifruit

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V1.3 Multi Fruit
Broiler inserted weed Mod layer inserted bunker silo Hud Mod – Entries for slurry added beet Schneider added prices for pork and beef increased outlets for all fattening animals: Butcher, shipping and freight station.
Watch Out!
Before the old score is accepted, necessarily where the chickens mast stands (see picture), weggrubbern the grass! Otherwise, the grass grows through the bottom of the broiler! When starting a new game supernatant, the cultivator is not necessary.
After downloading the file should be unpacked!

All the map accompanying mods have in the mod folder!
Even if the mods are already available, please replace it with the supplied one.

Download this file and unpack once. Then, existing overwrite all the files in the mod folder.
Important !!!!
All the map accompanying mods have in the mod folder!
Even if the mods are already available, please replace it with the supplied one.
New fruits: sunflower, oat and rye
Harvest new crops: sunflower with corn head, oats and rye with cutting
Camp for compost on the farm
Set BGA unloading deeper
Composting plant set up – loading of trailers possible
The CompostMaster can be filled with the following plants:
potato, sugarbeet, chaff, silage, grass, grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow, wood chips, compost_soil, manure
Compost can be loaded with standard hangers!
Treated seed can be loaded with standard hangers and sowing!
Adjusted rate for compost and dressed seed
Adapted Fillplanes and particles
Capacity manure amended in pork, beef cows and 200,000 liters each
Manure storage: 1,000,000 liters
Various minor fixes

What has been done:
On the farm is now more space than before
Tour and Help icons are incl. Trigger away
Exchanged vehicle dealers
Incorporated manure storage
Cows, sheep and chickens on the farm
Incorporated feed store with conveyor belts
installed WoolpaletteCollector
Integrated Forgotten Landscape textures
Forgotten Plants Fruit textures included: wheat, barley, maize and potatoes
Mounted ball bearing
installed Watermod
Pigs and cattle fattening built (now slightly away from the farm)
Installed butcher buys beef and pork
Two built by mobile shelters
Installed Seedmaster2K15 and matching stock
RemoveHaze involved (remove the haze from 9.00 clock)
Straw purchase at the circus
Nozzle installed in the milk / water trailer of Marhu (milking machine on the farm, milk and dairy purchase the fountain in the courtyard)
Integrated digital displays
Petrol pump and job board on the farm
Trigger increases in wood Purchase, unload automatically goes
Incorporated manure / dung purchase
Replaced all major gas stations
Integrated RealSky texture
Exchanged soil texture of the fields
Map is ready for: Chopped Straw, Greenfertilizer Mod (clover and alfalfa installed) and GülleMistKalk Mod
Lime silo built in the yard
Found gold coins are stored
Compound feed and dressed seed can be sold at the freight yard and at the shipping company
BGA has a ramp and can be filled with hangers, added shelter
Compost incorporated production
Installed for collecting eggs
Fields partly changed, etc. some building.


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Farming mods

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  1. Wolf

    Really like the map. Only thing I found so far is when you sell the fattening chickens at market, it subtracts the money instead of adding it to your account.

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