Villa V3.0 mit Funktion (platzierbar)

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Villa V3.0 mit Funktion (platzierbar)

Villa V3 (with function) (insert with GE)

This villa is floating and also walkable.
Basement and first floor are fully equipped, and
the balcony is completely accessible.
The solar cells on the roof make 1000 € per hour.

Price: 500000 €
Charges: 200 € per day

The villa was as good as possible, be designed in 1:1 scale and
does not need as much space as Villa V2.
The bottom part has been set higher, so the villa on slightly hilly
and slightly inclined surfaces can be placed.
The attic is closed.
Just copy the zip file into the mod folder and the merchants
Buy the “placeable MODS” and place (only placeable version).
The entrance is lit.

Made by: Harrybo

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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