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BY map DBL
Map has / Map Have:
Cows / Cows
Hens / Chikens
– Sheep / Sheeps
– Mod manure, lime, septic / Mod manure, lime, liquid manure
– Dynamic area / Dynamic Terrain (multi terrain)
Bulls 2X / beefs 2X
– Mod Forest / Forest mod link
Pigs / Pigs
7 playable farms / 7 farms
Purchase / Purchase
The real straw / Realistic windrow
Real path field / field Realistic road
75 Champs / 75 Fields
– Movement of cars / Traffic cars
– Movement of pedestrians / pedestrians
– Movement milkmaid / Milktruck
7 woods / forests 7
– Beautiful landscape / beautiful landscape
– Mod watering all animals / Water mod for all animals
Opening the gates on all farms / openable gates on all farms
Biogas / BGA
Wage for buying and Biogas plant / Weight on pucharchase and BGA
Sales bales on buying / Ball sell on purchase
Hose ref

Bans / Bans:
Changes link DL / Change download link
edit / Edits

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: DBL

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