Vehicle Sort V0.2

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Since it has annoyed me since ages that the order you jump through your vehicles by using the tab key can not be changed, I’ve written a little mod for this porpose. You can also jump into another vehicle by selcting it in a list.
How to Use VehicleSort:

  • All keys can be customized in the FS-Options-Dialogue.
  • Use NumPad or Mouse
  • 0 key / middle mouse opens / closes the vehicle list. This shows the vehicles in the order in which you will jump using the Tab key, incl. the attached tools / Trailer / etc.
  • 2 & 8 keys / mouse wheel moves the marker (green) through the list.
  • 5 key / left mouse selects a vehicle for shifting – the mark changes to red. Press again to exit shifting mode.
  • Enter / right mouse button jumps directly to the selected vehicle.
  • If you sit yourself in a vehicle, this is written bold in the list.

Credits: Dschonny

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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