Veg Sternberg V3.2

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Welcome to the VEG Sternberg. Here you will find a 4-fold map with a lot of land to plow. With pork and beef fattening and Wassermod. There are not created all the fields helpers friendly. I have 5 extra fruits installed on the Map including Futterrueben carrots and which can be verfütert to pigs and cattle. There are plenty of outlets on the map where you all your fruits and can sell breeding animals. Everything else you can discover for yourself.

A special THANKS goes to Little_Arti and Quakster for all new Buildings which were built on this card. Next I would like to thank me for Devin for sharing and many helpful tips. Thanks also to all testers such as the LU Stony, Otto, Jogi, Devin, Heiko. Mark44 for the animation of the mill. Soenke for helping with the road network . Thanks also to all Modder their scripts and plants were used. I may Renato and Patrick 2508 not forget to thank you for the videos.

All buildings that have been built for this map is not allowed without Be extended permission and certainly not veröfftlicht again. A trailer and a thresher I also enclosed. All vehicles have been created by me. Harvester for onions and the trailer can be found on MH. Sunflower and oats trailer can be covered with the Multifruchtmod.

Building Little Arti and Quakster
Cattle and pig Marhu

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Farming mods

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