VEG Sternberg v2.1 final

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Hello everybody,

Version 2.1 final
Collektor Weißkohl entfernt
Verkaufsstelle Gestüt angepasst
Mist bei Rinder und Schweine-Mast muss nicht mehr im Stall entmistet werden
Ist letzte Version

the time has come today I present to you the VEG Sternberg Map in the 15 version.
Hello everybody. Here I present you my Map VEG Sternberg ready for playing. Many of you know the VEG still from 13 Ls, it has been completely rebuilt for 15 Ls.
Unfortunately, some buildings from the 13ner version could not be saved or the effort would have been very high. The farm is completely by Devin (LS-MOD-Temple) revised so still BETA, thank you to this point again for it.
As Sternberg is located in Mecklenburg, the map is rather flat. She has 18 fields of which you must buy some.
Other buildings have been preserved and well used so again. The dam is no longer available, I hope you have still enough fun on the Map.
Installed almost all fattening installations, composting plant Milchwerk with production and greenhouses. The sale of the pallets located at the Edeka market. Tree trunks can you sell the land trade and tree planting are shopped there.
And now discovered the rest yourself I wish you much fun. Your Bummi LS-MOD-TEMPLE.

This is a beta version yet because the court is not finished yet. I have to play first only a temporary installed.
But everything is in working order and the card is in the SP and the MP / Server error free.
Thanks to Marhu, Andy Farmer, Devin, San Andreas which originate for the built-up of mine buildings and scripts from your pen.
If I forgot someone writes me via PM to be added later once.

Mods needed only ne Empfelung from me you can love others looking for the same cause;
On other pages exclusively with original link.

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Farming mods

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Author: Marhu, Farmer Andy, Devin, San Andreas

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