URSUS 914B TURBO (FS2013) V1.0

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– Opening doors, roof, rear window
– Full animation rear Tuz
– Revolution counters, fuel level, pressure, battery charging
– Mobile: clutch, gas, brake, shift rods,
– Cushioned seat
– Plowing Mod v2
– Turnover and smoke rise for all field work
– Lighting v3
– Halogen back
– Moving fan cooler
– Animation of the mobile arm
– Lit on key
– Movable axis
– Adjustable rear hook
– Do not go out after exit
– Animation firing
– MP-ready
– Moving cardan shaft

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The prohibition of editing I do not give because I am not the original author of the module, so unnecessary caustic leave comments for each other;)

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Farming mods

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Author:  Authors: Spinah, Marcello1942, gracjan26, Lech, Ziuta, Burner, Sven777b, Modelleicher, Aranea, Invincible

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