Ursus 1614 LSF v1

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– Mod plowing (working properly on patch 1.4)
– Panel IC (open doors, roof, rear window)
– Animation steering, rear Lifting
– Full animation front Tuz
– Twin wheels rear assumed to approach key R (outside the tractor)
– Attach round Stoll (console approach at all key R)
– Ability to open the left door on the outside of the tractor with the R key
– Moving directions of rotation and fuel level
– Operating lights in the cabin (lights, turn signals, halogens)
– Movable flap on muffler
– Lighting working turn signals, rooster
– Clean LOG
and other bajery…

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Farming mods

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Author: The authors scripts / Model / Programming etc .: Marcello1942, G & M Modding Team, Spinah In FS15 / Edit: roller90 Edit: DJWoxix Author model Marcello1942 Edit model ROLTECH, G & M, LSF This mod is very similar to 1614 Marcella ... This mod niejest perfect and may have some bugs The prohibition of changing the link and how copying on other forums that copy the entire description. I greet the people reading these descriptions !, Lublin SF I have permission from LSF-and on release!

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