Unna District V2.1

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Welcome to Unna Map. Become a successful farmer here, the conditions of this court will make it possible for you. Watch for more information. Good luck.
Here in this bakery wheat, barley, sunflower and water can be delivered. You will receive in return, bread, watch this on the live ticker.

Here bales of straw and straw cuboids are geschgrädert. The slurry tank is in the first driveway. The Mist, potatoes and sugar beet unloading are facing each other.
Here you have an overview of the entire map. You can login using the PDA icons Inform where you can unload your products and selling. Links from you is the agricultural pilot who may be at some point of use.

You’ve bought a briefcase at a Baggage auction at the Dortmund airport, which includes a title deed to a farm in the Unna. As the owner of this farm is nowhere to be found, this modern farm was officially transferred to your name. Now it is up to you to make this abandoned farm functional again. Modern Agricultural Equipment that you findest should make it possible for you.

The vegetation on the Unna Map 2015 may be only partially cleared. The city of Unna has not approved the all the trees can not be felled in the Unna. We Unnaraner consider this decision justified and for this regulation. Deforestation on our beautiful green planet Yes, but in moderation. When Carpenter Mecke, directly gege the railway station, can (if Necessary!) Are sold and shipped felled tree trunks.

This farm is modernly furnished and contains good modern agricultural machinery with which you can qualify to become a successful farmer and for the district of Unna’s largest supplier. In addition, amenities 28 Large to medium-sized fields for farming near your yard. A workshop, a cow pasture, grazing sheep, chickens pasture and cattle and pig sty complete this farm. Good luck and success!


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  1. Dougnz

    This is the best map so far , but early version has some errors which I hope have been fixed in this one . Errors in early version are , cannot reset vehicles etc , cannot find eggs to collect them . , no supporting combines to harvest cabbage , onion , etc , a few collections points with no information for what can be unloaded there .

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