Universal Silo V2.1

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It works similar to placeable pile or you can enter all the listed types of fruit are eingebunkert in a silo and like the placeable pile the silo must emptied before another fruit can be stored.
The silo has a visible level indicator.
new: MapHotspotIcon
The stored type of fruit is displayed in F1 Game Help menu.

What types of fruit can currently be stored?
The names of fruit, which are currently accepted by Silo:
wheat rye barley oat triticale hemp WeedWeed spelled maize rape sunflower silage chaff fertilizer lime wood chips schroot seeds2 lime forage
chaff will silage after about 2hours

In the shop are present on the map of fruit and imaged as symbols, as is customary.

mor2000, thoralf2002, FlashFire09, Glassrohr, Förderschnecke.

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