Two Rivers V1.1.1

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V1.1.1: Manual revised helper alignment corrected trees reset, as this had been missing the branches.

The entire map was brought to LS 2015 stand, because I tire dust and traces has not fallen to the main roads I have the map now “real” streets donated. There are 5000 trees set new and otherwise designed some new approx. As with the second version for LS 13 applies: many things as you know it, many new, something different. But do not worry, everyone will like the card again immediately feel “at home”.
Location: Salzachtal to Salzburg (Austria) Landscape fictitious, but close to the original
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes
Alfalfa as a fast-growing cover crop for the Green manure Mod by upsidedown
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
Fields: 29 fields of 2.4 ha to 13.27 ha
18 fields of different sizes
A lovingly crafted village, various objects break up the landscape, realistic field boundary planting, a beautiful Alpenhof, sugar factory, BGA, trains, a new sawmill and much more.
Collisions of various objects for Course Play players and those who are not take it so exactly with the reality turned off. In the trees, it is no longer possible to make this work by the way without Collision in helper mode so you should pay attention to where falles a headland.

Required Mods: AnimationMapTrigger
Recommended: ChoppedStraw, Gründungermod.

Special features of the map:
Water mod
manure storage
food storage
Mist sale at a garden center.
Alfalfa as a fast-growing cover crop for the Gründüngermod.
Manure, manure, Kalkmod.
All gates open on AnimationMapTrigger with the O button Some goals through the sales offices and the vehicle trade are time controlled, the opening times you see the signs.

El Cid, Festus007 and others.

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Farming mods

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  1. Cam

    Any idea why I can’t open the doors? I have the door mod installed, but nothing works.

    1. Williams

      You need the AnimationMap Trigger

      1. Cam

        Yeah I installed it and still nothing worked, but I’ll keep trying.

        1. Williams

          sorry and the MapDoor trigger

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