Two Rivers (Csi Edition)

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This is my second installment of a map…. Note  , i did not create this map , i only made i funner by adding more to it .

This map has Cows , Sheep , Sand/Gravel , Sawmill , Supermarket goods and more to discover…..

Added :
– McDonalds 

-Gas station with a Carwash

-Supermarket with sell points

-2 sawmills so that you can transport Boards ( Sell poind its the Spinnery )

-Added a Repair garage with Car Lifts ( Non Functional )

-Salad Greenhouse ( At farm )

-Traffic lights ( You will need a this mod below for the lights to function )

-Also did some re-skining and smothing of area\’s of the map i feel needed it .


Moved Items :

-Moved the Dealership to a further point so that you have to transport them to your farm ( MAinly for the person that likes to haul equipment )

-Moved the Wool Sell point further away ( just out of the main town..upper left of the map )


Recommended mods for this map :

MapDoor Trigger

Tipper trailer with Sand/Gravel loading


Reason for edit : i enjoy doing this and i think this map was the best map in FS13/LS13 and i just love that it\’s in 2015\’s game.

i personaly have around 100 hours of play on this map in 2013 and 2015\’s game combined.

i mean no harm and give Full credit to the owner of said map  if there is any other person(s) that deserve credit come forward so that you can be credited .

please have fun and thank you for downloading

El Cid – Map Owner / CSI Mater ( Me ) – Map Editor

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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