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The trusty Sheep is back and hat now to see this LS15. However, only the whites of which Brown is still missing. There Hatt some new skills.

It is once again a single player sheep.
No installation to the GE.
No buy in the shop needed.
Zip move only in the modfolder!

It is a FunMod of no advantage or benefit in the game.
This sheep is running free on the Map rum, and will follow you if you’re not sitting in an of Vehicle! That’s all it does.

New features include:
Collisons control (it will no longer run through objects)
It eats the grass on the lawn and grass, Heuschwad. If no grass near his, go to the sheep and press “B”, thereby man throwing some grass toward him.
Hatt is eaten there enough to grow the wool and quite dirty, dan you should lure it to a part thereof WollPallette. Is it near a range (<5m) you can go to the sheep and shear by pressing the “X” the sheep, the wool is credited to the range.
That’s all there is to it, FunMod.
Have fun wishes
PS: be patient, the sheep will appear the first time at x, y = 0, it might take a while until it is with you.

TRUSTY SHEEP V2.0.1 LS 15 (5) TRUSTY SHEEP V2.0.1 LS 15 (6)



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