Triplefarming v3.0 GE mapping

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Here’s TripleFarmingV3 Map.

There is so much new that a take over and continue playing from the savegame is impossible.
Please read it here briefly, because you need certain mods so you can play the map at all!

New here are the buyable Obejekte such as the washing halls, diesel tanks, intermediate storage, all productions, etc.

Also new is an orchard with cherries, strawberries, plums, pears and apples for the new love of yogurt production, then you can dig on the map sand and gravel even with an excavator on the trailer at the stockyard there are 2 FermentingSilos etc. Find it itself out, which it still is new.

Required mods:

  • MapDoorTrigger:
  • 10MapBuyableObject:

Recommended mods:

  • Traffic Light Mod:–2
  • Bank of Hagenstett:
  • Liquid manure trailer:–2
  • Milk trailers:
  • Pigs and Rintertransporter:
  • Guarantor Water Trailer:

Here is a small, BIG tip that most people do not follow anyway, because almost no one reads far as. Makes the map in eueren mod folder and nothing else, especially no scripts. Think up a few purely Fahreuge and first looks at how the map works and which scripts are already installed.

When someone writes again, the map is not, scripts, etc. Then the error is up to you. I’ve played enough hours and I have to tell you. The map runs without errors!

Staudamm by Farmerahner
Strassenset by atze1978
Futterlager by Ganelcer
Maschinenhalle by SLJ-Agrar
Tanksäule by Kolbenfresser
Gewege by Desperados93
AllInOneSilo by Blacky_BPG
WoolPaletteCollector by Marhu
Baustellenleuchte: Script by Alex2009
kleine Industrie city marjas31
24m Waage by Marc85, Script by Blacky_BPG
18m Waage city Repi, Script by Blacky_BPG
Misch Station by Marhu
Ampeln by Bluebaby210
Blade Stall by Kolbenfresser
Bergh All by Odin1985
Apfelmod by mor2000
Apfelmod Erweiterung by Rose Thaler
Fermenting Silo by Marhu

Verbaut script:
custom info trigger by Webby und Cheffkoch (FSM)
InGameMenuEnhancement V3.1 by Blue Tiger
SearchBuyableObjectScript by Bluebaby210
BaleToManure by rafftnix
Door Trigger und GülleMistMod city???
Sektionaltorscript by Blacky_BPG
TrafficLightMod by Sven777b
Waschbürstenscript by Blacky_BPG
WaterMod by Marhu

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. keith

    I like this map but there are problems. The train station will not take onions.

  2. Brian dk

    hej keith

    det er et fedt kort syntes jeg…..
    jeg kan ikke så sonnenblumen eller ved ikke om man kan det og løg heller ikke som du skriver
    er stor fan af det spil og spiller det meget

    kan godt lide de kort hvor man udfordret lidt
    kender du ellers nogen gode kort ?
    m.v.h. Brian

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