Top lodge farm (No weeds)

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A small British style map designed for small to medium machinery. Such as Ford Force Conversions and Ford Force’s. When you start, you will find all the starting equipment at the shop. There is also a field with fully grown wheat, ready to harvest.

On this map you will find:

  • One yard,
  • One sell point,
  • Cows,
  • Sheep,
  • Chickens,
  • All types of crop storage,
  • BGA.

Important information:

  • The sell point for grain, potatoes and sugar beet is located in the middle of the map. Behind this sell point there is the sell point for eggs and also he sell points for bales. The bale sell point is located in the corner, bales will be sold when placed in the black and yellow box which is also covered in straw. At this sell point you can also find triggers for fertilizer and seeds.
  • You can also find all the triggers needed such as, seeds, fertilizer and fuel at the farm along with silos for grain, potatoes and sugar beet. The vehicle reset point is at the farm, just outside the cow shed.


  • This map has been designed for all types of PC, if you have lag on this map it is recommended that you turn your settings down.

Please note:

  • This map contains some objects that have been edited. Please do NOT export them to use in any other map or be released. Permission will NOT be given.

Rh/Ni Modding
EU modding

Seba j (Modhoster)
Fatian (Modhoster)
Ipsidedown (Modhoster)
Raptor5 (Modhoster)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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