Tongya vehicle transporter trailer

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Tongya vehicle transporter trailer pack includes:
Transport trailer Semi_truck (vanilla) version,
Transport trailer Dolly (vanilla) version,
Transport trailer Semi_truck (MoreRealistic) version,
Transport trailer Dolly (MoreRealistic) version.

This is my 3 axles gooseneck lowbed ramp transporter trailer for hauling machinery.

It is based on the Tongyada CTY6005:

Built in Shandong, China from Carbon Steel.

Shandong Liangshan Tongya Automobile Co.Ltd was established in 2000 and employs over 1000 workers.

The trailer is a 40′ flatbed gooseneck transporter for hauling all types and sizes of machines. It can take 2 large tractors or 3 small ones, it also hauls larger harvesters if carefully loaded (the collision has been widened to allow for this).

Note: Some machines have front attachments (such as the Grimme potato harvester) which caused conflict with the front collision because of this the front collision has had to be removed, and a warning sticker saying STOP has been put in there, if your tractor falls off the end please just put it back on and stop where the sign says stop.

There is still a problem with camera clipping when fully loaded (tends to zoom into the truck when moving fully loaded, this is due to the game physics and not my mod) but if this is something that irritates you it can be avoided by using the mod “No Collision Camera FS 13” which can be downloaded from this site on this link ods/view/29332.

DO NOT USE the mod “Pete379” as this tends to lift at the front wheels when the trailer is fully loaded. I have tested the trailer with other semi-trucks and it works fine.
I have tested this with all types of machinery and also with pallets and bales (if you feel the need) and it works okay. I have found no issues with the trailer so far, but if you find any please make a comment in the support forum and I will see if I can sort it. It has also been tested in MP mode and with the MoreRealistic mod and all works fine.

Credits go to Druptown for extensive testing and guidance throughout the creation of this model.

Also to Kosknite, Decker and the rest of the FMC team for helping with the trickier stuff.

To the FMC team for it’s support and encouragment.

And Giants for the game.

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Farming mods

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