Thuringia Rhon v0.9 (Beta)

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The map provides a fictional landscape of the Rhön-Thuringia region dar.

On the map you will find:

  • Hilly, large fields,
  • Baywa,
  • Raiffeisen,
  • 2 former LPG plants (arable farm, dairy farming),
  • Green compost heap,
  • Adjusted traffic,
  • New grass texture,
  • Exposed dunghill,
  • 3D roads,
  • Adapted cow pasture
  • 2D/3D trees,
  • Chickens,
  • Sheep,
  • BGA.

What is new?

  • New BGA,
  • New silos,
  • New animal production,
  • New textures,
  • New Court,
  • New hoop iron,
  • On all farms 2 and Baywa are stations for your fleet.

The map is also suitable for low-Pc’s because care was taken to clip Distances, texture formats and Ram usage.


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Farming mods

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