Thüringer Oberland v0.9 (Beta)

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Welcome to the Thüringer Oberland!

The result is a map that has its real role model in the region Bad Lobenstein. I tried to make the landscape a bit realistic, have been doing a lot of playing around with Google Maps and elevation models, and I think it was worth it.

The selected image area actually corresponds to a 4 fold map, ie, Feld13 original about 73ha. The field forms are all about the original, and it is not a rectangular case.

This makes it easier for the helper not easy, the only thing that works reasonably AutoCombine and AutoTractor.

There are 29 fields that are large between 0,9ha and 18,3ha. The fields are all purchasable.

For friends of forestry there are vast forests with thousands of trees, all on the map can be precipitated. The wood can be sold at the sawmill 6-20 clock or the timber freight station, there needs to be loaded onto the train.

The sugar factory buys a 6-20Uhr of sugar beet and wood chips.

The slaughterhouse is open from 7-18 clock, just like the grain storage.

On the farm there are cows and chickens, sheep have outside their pasture. In addition, the pig and cattle of Marhu are installed. GMK is installed just like ChoppedStraw, manure storage and Compost master at garden centers.


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