The Great Smoky Mountains

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Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains. The terrain is hilly and unforgiving. Do you have what it takes to tame the mountains and become the most respected farmer among the locals? This map is the standard size with various field sizes. You will find all of the default animals, and crops, plus soybeans. Chopped straw, and the SOLID (only) manure mod has been added.

Sellpoints Include:

  • Tractor supply (woodchips) (You also may purchase trees, seeds, and fertilizer here)
  • Hanson Feed Mills
  • Cherokee Mills
  • Farm Shop (eggs sell here, as well as an atm, help, seeds, and fertilizer)
  • Train Depot (Working Train)
  • Log Mill (Working Train, or sell by placing lumber in pond)
  • Bassest Auction (Wool sells here, you may also buy seeds and fertilizer)

You can use any point in the stream in the map to refill your water tanker
Bales can be sold in the back of the Farm Shop (the sellpoint, not the tractor dealer) or at the BGA.
Milk is sold automatically at the default time

You must Unzip the contents inside to your mods folder. Inside you will find 6 files.

  1. The Map
  2. A front loader bucket for handling all things in the map
  3. A mod that will add multifruit to your default equipment.
  4. Manure Mod
  5. Chopped Straw
  6. Green Direct Cut. You can cut crops while they are still growing. So you can forage harvest your corn while it is still green, before it dries out to be shelled.

Logging is a huge part of the mountains, and you will find hours of fun in this map. We have a massive forest full of trees, rocks, and challenging terrain. You can cut all tree’s in this map.

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  1. Moe

    Thanks for the Map, I live in East TN, Monroe Co. I am enjoying it greatly

  2. Bobby

    Thanks for all the hard work done on this map! Great map! Great message!

  3. Cam

    Great map! I really love seeing American maps, they feel like home, and I love the message along with this!

  4. Duane

    LOVE the map just like home I’m from western nc just like playing an the back yard thanks for all the work

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