The Eye of the Sea – A british Iceland

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A british Iceland (2)

Welcome to Britain!
Your take on the role of a British farmer on a small dreamy island somewhere in the waters of the United Kingdom. many generations already live your family on the island, and the last decades did you gut.Eurer farm grew, you could you a considerable fleet and do nothing, simply nothing, could you spoil the mood. Yet last year was a bad one. Continuous rain and harvest unlucky, you could not feed your animals and a large part of them more as her they just do not could you provide. Yet now, in the spring of the new year, the rain has stopped for 2 days. This is your chance! The grass in the meadows literally calls your mower, so it has grown in recent months. Also call your cows, because food is no longer there. Hurry up and fill their bellies!

All required mods included in file. Don’t forget to extract file!

A nature-loving British island awaits you!
A british Iceland (3)
A british Iceland

Credits: metalger1, modding world team, Manuel, Ifkonator, Mr.Fox, El_Cid, NI Modding, MartinBigM500, Fatian, Giants, luxfarm, Gauroth, MThis, Fendt Trisix, fendtfan1, spider100, Jauch Paule, Eribus

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Farming mods

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