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– The way it works in multiplayer as well. (Multiplayer Multiplayer =)
Szarvas MGTSZ. Does that mean something to someone’s name?
“Small” delay, but it will be released. We have long been advertised, pointing a long time, but here is the day when we give in our hands.
The map was made in Farming Simulator 2013 game. so on the basis Totya idea Yoe and Jozy.
Published in Farming Simulator 15, and her few months, it has been moved energetically and began the renovation. In this game, he thought again all over the map: Yoe, Totya, Jozy, Sasa, Frik, Zetoros12, Mr.Dinamit88, Déw250 and John. We hope you gain your choice.
We were down on that map based on a good, the more detailed the foundation of the Hungarian economy to set up for you. The testing involved in the S.K.Termelőszövetkezet team or the Ancient Agricultural Production Team.
These plants you find it on the map: Floor Plants, v2 corn, sunflower, oats, clover, rye, alfalfa.
On the map, you can meet even a realistic TSA battery, a village dairy farm, sértésteleppel and a small battery hens as well. The background image was built in the real mud. A map from the video created by Zetoros12. Enjoy the game you want, the Ancient Agricultural Production Team and the S.K.Termelőszövetezet!

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Author: Yoe, Totya, Jozy, Sasa, Friko, Zetoros12, Mr.Dinamit88, Déw250,John

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