Sunshine XXL X2 V3.0

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Sunshine XXL X2 V3.0

235 MBDownload Sunshine XXL X2 V3.0 Original link

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This is the farm SUNSHINE XXL. Specially designed for grain production. But you can create dairy cattle, sheep and chickens.

XLFarms SUNSHINE XXL X2 – The Farm Grain

  • The SUNSHINE XXL map is part of a large project maps to a specific audience. If you do not like giant maps of large pieces of land, do not download the map.
  • The map is divided into plots of standardized size (~200 hc). You will find small dirt roads to vehicular traffic, machines and equipment. The map has a central headquarters with everything you need to produce large quantities of grain.
  • Nearby there is a garage for you to keep your machines and equipment. The outlets are in the North – East part of the map. 3 stations are selling grain, 1 solid and liquid manure and other station for sale of wool.
  • Many changes have been implemented since the first version of map. He is now ready to be played with confidence. It also features the latest news for FS2013.

Changelog v2.1:

  • Forgotten Plants – Realistic Textures Pack + special texture to maize
  • Gülle Mist Kalk und Mod V 2:01
  • MapSiloBand V2.5.2
  • WoolPaletteCollector V 1.3.1
  • New objects
  • New BGA
  • New well Manure
  • New loadplaces
  • New V 1.1 VehicleShop
  • Fixed price products from vending stations ( names and prices of the original map )
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Dairy farm close to correct problem with trasnport
  • New PDA

Map by Tiago Piloneto

Sunshine map is based on the map Monstopia by BigDaddy99
TowerSilo_BSCS_03 and tanks of BGA_By_BernieSCS (from the map OGF FSM AUSTRALIEN MAP).
Brewery and texture/foliage from Two Rivers Map LS13 by El Cid
Sugarbeet, weat, barley, grass windrow modified by Tiago Piloneto.
Estrada horizontal, Estrada vertical by map Nelamanowice_v2, edited by Tiago Piloneto.
BGA map LSP_Ambt_Delden_Beta by Fendt-939
Asphalt texture map Bassumer Land V5_3 by Sirrobin

Atze1978 – Straßenbaukasten V1
Frisco0177 – Futterlager
Mailman – Pfostenpack V 1.0.0
Ekkhard – Heißluftballons und Blimp

Gülle-Mist-Mod LS2013 v1.1 von TMT (marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)
Solid manure texture from the map Belgique Profonde by Luxfarm-Ls
WoolPalette Collector V 1.3.1 by Marhu
WaterMod Map Einbau V 3.0 by Marhu
MapSiloBand V 2.5 by Marhu
Schweinemast V 0.8 by Marhu
Zuckerfabrik by Trekkerbodo
BGA and other objects by El Cid
TowerSilo_BSCS_03 and tanks of BGA_By_BernieSCS (from the map OGF FSM AUSTRALIEN MAP).
Texture by El_Cide – From the map TwoRivers
Estrada horizontal, Estrada vertical by map Nelamanowice_v2, edited by Tiago Piloneto.
Rolltor script by grafik-edv
Register fruits ?
mats, silage silos, stock sheep wool, water station.: from the map Langburg_v2Created by GE Mapping

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. beaubere

    i save the game, i abort and i start again the saved game and when i start all the implements combines trailers tractor and trucks are gone? what can be the problem?????

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