Suedhemmern V3.0

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Welcome to Südhemmern for the LS 15. All who know the map from the LS 13 will feel at home, even if minor changes were needed in the conversion. I have tried. to preserve the character of the map from the LS 13 and combined with the innovations of the LS 15. I hope you like the result.
The map is created using the GE 6.0.3 and Patch 1.2 is required.
The center form the Midland Canal with 5 bridges as well as a port and the main village Südhemmern with its eastern neighbor village Hartum and the west village Hille. A major emphasis I put on the detailed design of the landscape and the individual localities. At the same time an attempt was made to make the fields still to a large extent helper friendly, but can not succeed in any case.
Field acquisition is District Court


  • Standard fruits and fillType sand
  • Animals: cows, sheep and chickens
  • Mixer hall based on the location of feed mixing Marhu (approval pending)
  • Pig (Marhu)
  • Cattle fattening (Marhu)
  • WaterMod (Marhu)
  • Wool Palette collector (Marhu)
  • Digital displays (the Silobändern in small and at the court in the overview)
  • Lining layers of Frisco177
  • Silobänder
  • BGA Manuuu (with minor modifications because of the conversion)
  • BGA from the LS 2015 from Giants
  • Brewery and bakery GE mapping (currently WITHOUT function)
  • Prepared slurry manure-lime-Mod
  • Manure storage on the map distributed (see description below)
  • Manure storage on the map distributed (see description below)
  • Supply barns on the map distributed (see description below)
  • Sandkuhle with sand-purchase trigger; Sale opportunity in port (fast make money)
  • Biomass heating power plant from the LS 2015 from Giants
  • Sawmill from the LS 2015 from Giants
  • Wooden train and grain train from the LS 2015 from Giants
  • Shipping
  • Another trains
  • AI traffic: cars and pedestrians
  • Slurry and manure sale (port, garden centers, freight station)

Sold at:
Eimo AG * Garden * Country Trade Center Hille * * Landi freight station * Port * Spinning * distillery
Edekamarkt Forest Hotel * * * Horseback riding * industrial plant slaughterhouse * restaurant * Tavern * Butcher
Mill * 2 BGA
CB 15 there is the sawmill, the biomass cogeneration plant and grain train on the second train station.
The PDA Map and PDA symbols are matched. There are 50 boxes in various sizes (2 ha to 10 ha) and two large meadows for grass and hay.
Special features:
Outlets for straw / hay / grass at Landi, country store eimo at high prices (for players who need quick money). Who does not like it, do not sell them.
There are several barns on the map that the ship unloaded grass / hay / straw into the camp of the cow pasture (even at the eimo AG):
The unloading of the hamlet and the cow pasture ship the fruit in the respective Hofsilos.
On the Map manure storage and manure piles are installed, may be exposed to liquid and solid manure taken to spending on the fields. The level is shown on the digital display. To fill the dung heap in front of the Kuhmisthaufen the cow pasture a CRAP BEAMER. If there is tipped with a wheel loader crap, he lander on the various Mista hooves.
To fill up the manure storage is available at the cow pasture and on both a BGA MANURE BEAMER. If there slurry is delivered, it ends up in manure storage and can be anywhere on the map again be removed.
At the cow pasture, there are outlets for cereals and potatoes / beet (fodder for fattening plants).

Mc Gregor Wolf

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Farming mods

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