Sudhemmern on the mittelland canal V4.0

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Hello LS community,
here is a completely redesigned original map. The focal form of the Mittelland canal with 5 bridges as well as a port and the main village Südhemmern with its eastern neighbor village Hartum and the west village of Hille. A major emphasis I have placed on the detailed configuration of the landscape and of the individual localities. At the same time an attempt was made to make the fields still in many parts of helper friendly, but can not succeed in any case.
There are already many maps that have focused on mega – fields that are easy abzufahren, but the landscape is rather barren. This is not the case here, and is not intentional. It seemed to me on detail, but I also want to expand even further and will.
In addition to the standard fruit rye, spelled, sunflower, oats and green wheat are installed. I deliberately limited myself to fruit varieties, which may also occur in northern Germany. Therefore, cotton, tea, coffee fall out etc. In the next version might come even more crops (onions, carrots, etc.) are added.

Build in features:

  • Wool pallet stocker
  • Pigs
  • Water Mod 3 traffic lights with function
  • Slurry and manure sales
  • Lining layers of Frisco177
  • Multifruch of Bummi hum

The following outlets are set up:

  • Eimo AG garden center general store Hille Landi harbor freight Station spinning distillery
  • Edeka Markt Wald Hotel
  • Sky market industrial plant
  • Horse slaughterhouse
  • Brauereigaststätte
  • Tavern butcher
  • Mill 2 BGA

When Landi and the port are each also outlets for grass, hay and straw , which pay high prices . This is for the players who need quick money for the purchase of new machinery and fields . Who would not like this , just have to make any deliveries.
The PDA and the PDA Map symbols are adapted . The field sizes and field rates have been calculated using the calculation program of dds Modding and adjusted. There are 50 fields in different sizes ( 2 ha to 10 ha) and two large meadows for grass and hay .

For me the map log – error is free.
I’ve built the map according to my ideas and interests. However, I am open-minded about suggestions for improvement . Reasonable suggestions and comments are welcome . From offensive comments , as I had often read about other mods , please refrain.

The map was created with the Editor 5.0.1, so this would actually be playable for all . For the next version I will probably switch to 5.0.3 , so the patch 2.0 is required then . Then I have so far refrained because the game is also currently without stuttering or similar running with me.

I do not want to decorate with borrowed plumes myself . Therefore, here the modders whose objects i have used. Since I have installed a set of objects , unfortunately I can not claim to be exhaustive of the list. Should someone encounter an object which is not mentioned , please let me know . There’s no ill will behind it.

Farmhouse with barn = Lucullus
Fence = Fendtfan1
Gr. Farmhouse = Lucullus
Hotel BobMaster = 66
Schwäbisches farmhouse = Kunds Modding
Wooden silos = vanillaice83
BayWaHändler = Kund Modding
Garden fence = Trixi
Tractor Hall = Richi * 3
Walls = Diops33
Residential house = Richi * 3
Chain link fence = GE mapping
Eckscheune = Richi * 3
Windmill = 100 Spider
Drive-through barn = Richi * 3
Gehwegeset = Frank Wienberg
Signs Pack Nick = 98.1
Half-timbered barn beard =
Of signs Hirntot = 2.0
Dunghill = M -S Buschi
Road construction kit = atze1978
Pig = Marhu
Gate with walls = 123 Cosmin
MapSiloBand = Marhu
Straßenset = goodgod
WasserMod = Marhu
Industrial plant = LWS Terminator
Butcher = SLJ agricultural
Brewery = MikeTM
Stone slabs set = The Agraama
Horse = Aerocool1
Leitplankenset = LS agricultural technology
Distillery = bumpkin
Inland waterway = Himmi
Edeka = Mark 44
Leitpfahl = Basti66
Sky Kiel = 81
Roll-up door = GE mapping (?)
Power poles = 500 MartinBigM
Field size calculation = ddsModding
Country Trade = Papa
Stromset = I can no longer find
Pasture gates = Weltenbauer
Silage Beamer = Askari
Wicker fence = Weltenbauer
Mist Beamer = Askari
Feed storage = Frisco0177
Some ideas and arrangements are made
Platinum Xtreme VI cribbed = Askari
Multi-fruit = Bummi hum
Lights = mod portal team
Traffic light Script = Blue Baby 210
Bridges = Mach1 Andy
Fences to the cow pasture = Alex2009
Sandkuhle = MIG Celle Map
Fodder mixing station = skydancer
Scale = BlackyBPG/Marc85
Level indicator = BlackyBPG / Black Burner
Clover / alfalfa = bgo1973
GülleMistKalkMod = HatzFan

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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