Sudharz V0.9 (Beta)

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I would like to invite all of you to my beta test of the southern Harz map (LS15)!

The transformation to LS15 was very expensive, I have an extremely long time reingesteckt the last few months.
Since I do everything with much love, I am anxious everything as realistic as possible to build and to go down to the smallest detail!

And for all the friends of forestry are here to have our hands full doing, 19000 precipitable trees waiting for you !!! (Not a typo)
And I’ve just looked run where the edges of forests where trees are which (as best I could), many forest roads and and and

It is to discover a lot of new things, I do not want to list everything here equal, ride even the card and find out what has happened since LS13, namely a lot! (For finals version then there’s a list)
(I have heard your desire, from now on you can the 6th village and explore his new surroundings – Steigerthal)

I play the map with the following mods:
Chopped straw mod

Here are a few pointers: The map can contain bugs / hiccups, you should then find that as best we can explain and specify the coordinates so I know where the problem is!


Uploaded By :
Farming mods

you liked this mod !!! Send Some Tips to modder respect his hard work


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