Stockage Module

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Storage building was placed on your map with GE. the buildings are modular, you can separate them and place them as you like.


Batiment de stockage   a placer sur votre  carte avec GE.

les batiments sont  modulable , vous pouvez les separer et les  placer comme bon vous semble.


Storage building was placed on your card with GE.

the buildings are modular, you can separate them and place them as you like.

Allemand :

Lagergebäude wurde auf Ihrer Karte mit GE platziert.

die Gebäude sind modular aufgebaut, können Sie sie zu trennen und legen Sie sie, wie Sie möchten.

How to add mod, check file after you download mod ( modDesc.xml )




<sourceFile filename=”scripts/MapSiloBand.lua” />

<sourceFile filename=”scripts/DigitalAmountMover.lua” />



Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Matt

    possible to make a storage building than we can place on our map without GE… i mean in game

    1. radenko

      where install this modes. to work correctly

  2. Louis

    With or with out GE the mod is not loading with my FarmSimulator 2015 and I want this mod more then any mod I’ve used so far.

    Please respond to this message or come up with a new version.

    This is by far the best storage mod I have seen at ANY mod site on the internet.

  3. James

    This mod is a good idea trouble is it is not loading into my Farming Simulator 2015, is there anything that I need to do in order to get it to load???

    1. Farming mods

      Does anyone else have problems with it ? Becouse for me it is working.
      Please somment and help others.

    2. Farming mods

      Added somo more information to mod, please check. Otherwise there will be update of this mod, in near future.

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