States v9.5 Fs2015 map

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States v6.0

version 9.5
Fixed cabbage pallet, will load with trailer now (you do not have to start a new game just drop it in and delete the other one)
I apologize, forgot to change that

Fixed Cabbage pallet from getting hung up (Thanks Eric)


STATES v8 updates
Mod Details
Added GEA mixing feeding station
Added Green Houses tomato, cabbage, cauliflower
Added milk truck sale trigger (you have to download the triggers to buy and place in map)
Removed beetPulp Machine
Im done adding, no more, this is it!


  • Fixed Cow Farm BGA – could not be emptied all the way.
  • Fixed crash at north east corner by fertilizer tank
  • Fixed roads from flickering – added new roads.
  • Fixed Chicken house inside and outside gate missing l10 button.
  • Fixed Grass and Manure plane to rise when filled in storage.

Note: If you update your game with beta update, chickens will vanish. Thats not the mod causing it.

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Farming mods

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Author: Many Thanks to these guys below for their mods and help: Giants American Eagles Modding Team Fs-UK modding Team slowpoke Mike Lowery Marhu RC Devil Daniel Wollschläger Sandgroper Jakob Tischler upsidedown NI Modding DocElyoc Jon Cable Virikas OGC modding JohnDeere1952 jb3pc4sale kramarj Tiago Pilento GoldFox Lazy Mod Studios Bernie SCS Geneborg mailman Xentro And to all the people who have pestered the living crap out of me to add these mods into the map! If I forgot anyone please email me, I'll be glad to add you to the list of creators. But seriously Thank you

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  1. dave

    Still cant get in to the chicken houses but can get in to the pig and cow barns just fine I have lost countless hours of work getting food ready for all the animals on v5 now v6 I still cant open the doors on chickens I need help this is my favorite mod since the game started.



  2. darkmold9

    Hi use this mod and press ”o” in front of the door. it will open.

  3. Ederson Leonardo

    When I bought a seeder, both the original game and mods, it is written and not getting out of this screen.

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