Smithfield farm (Map mania)

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Smithfield Farm is located in the rolling hills of mid wales. Smithfield is a mixed farm, and has both good arable and livestock land. The farm is covered in thick woodlands, though a larger number of the trees were fell to create new fields, they are still one of the farm defining features.

The farm is biult on the side of a hill. The top field are larger and higher than the lower half of the farm. Most of the field on the the farm are currently grassland and are in need of being re-seeded and yeild are currently down.

Smithfield farm is based on a real farm, The biuldings are replicas of biuldings found on the farm, The narrow lanes, tight gates ways are where they are in real life.Big machinery was never used on this farm, it was run for years with tractors no larger than 90hp, but its not small. The farm is a 180 acre farm, there is 155 acres of usable land the rest is woodland. The fields range from the smallest at 2.7 acres all the way up to 13.4 acres. The farm gate range from 12foot to 16foot.

About map:

  • The layout is based on a google earth photo.
  • The terrain is based on personal knowledge of the farm.
  • The biulding are all based on the real thing, all biulding are AO textured.
  • The gates/doors/barriers and grain covers all open with the letter “O” when the icon appears, this can be done either on foot or from the tractor, the tractor icon must be selected.
  • Warning do not sell the vehicle your driving, you must get out first. A problem with the door triggers will be caused if this is not done.

Required Mods:

  • Map door trigger:
  • Map Hose refrence Station:

Recomended mods:

  • Due to the seed triggers and ferterlizer triggers being only found at the brewery and behind the vehicle shop i do recomend the bulk handling pack:
  • Acceleration time is useful due to the longer waiting periods for crops to grow:

The Latest Version of Farming simulator is required (Version 2.1).

Map created by LJW modding (LordWilliams)
All Biuldings and structures bar the ferterlizer, seed shed. Walls, gates, hedges, roads, britsh style fencing.

Vertex Design: Textures, ferterlizer/seed shed, Mapdoorscript.

Fuqsbow: chain fencing with concrete posts.

Willjsavage: Britsh road signs.

Giants: The game, standard objects.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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