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Hi everyone
I would like to ask my Small Harvester Pack.
There are pronounced the Grimme kit v 1.3 umtexturiert only as Small the two Roder of dimanix.

Changelog 01/02/2016 v1.0
– New textures for Small
– New Dirttextur
– Name, etc adapted in the configs

There is now nothing overwhelming but I thought to myself, as I have already received a few inquiries, I just upload it.

I offer two download links: 1. Direct 2. Download Fals want to reward her with my work uploaded.
Note: Since the original Roder and the problems here have to get up the mountain, I empfele the Mod of Upside Down “Drive Control”.
So you can with Shift 4, wheel and with 5 and 6, the front differential lock, enable the rear.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Originale: GIANTS Software GmbH Verändert: Dimanix Neue Texturen: Eribus

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