Skamstrup Manure Pack V3

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The Skamstrup manure pack consists of a Case Magnum 335, a slurry tank as WAP and build a WAP-trailer, (origin Joskin).
The Magnum has 335PS, Original Sound, Animated mirrors, turn signals, warning beacon, additional lights, GPS, and radio antenna and other small details.
The barrel has 27,000 liters and the trailer got new textures and new colors, and a number of amendments.
For manure incorporated must use the original LS 15 Zunhammer manure disc from the game, or you have another available.
The front tank has a volume of 3000 liters, serving as front ballast and simultaneously. Reserve as fertilizer hopper for efficient fertilization
The tractor and manure spreader were sogut it was adapted to the original Transporter Skamstrup manure.
Joker Modding Have fun in the game deploy efficiently with this new alternative manure.

Kaziu1551, Dawider, Pl-teams, JokerModding 2015, Felix, Stevie, JoMaule

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Farming mods

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