Silent Valley V1.01

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Here is the Silent Valley for LS 2015!
The map is based on latest version of the LS13 map SVbB. Some minor changes had to endure the map of course. Thus, for example, has the terrain to field 1 to 4 completely changed the realistic driving behavior of the LS15 vehicles would not have to put to the test. However, it shows the devices and vehicles, including in that they really easily encounter due to the hilly landscape here in part to their limits, which I personally But it was so much more fun.
All located on the map 3-D trees with Collision and accordingly precipitable! In series 2 and 3, and even more I have allowed myself to decorative purposes to build in 2-D trees. Actually, however, the player should not come into contact with it.

Manure Kalk Mod
Water Mod
MapDoorTrigger (please instructions)

For MapDoorTrigger:
I’m admittedly not coped with the installation of MapAnimationTrigger and my English skills are hardly good enough for me about to contact the author of this script apart, I decided to take advantage of the MapDoorTrigger from LS13.
By downloading the map is a folder in containing the modDesc for MapDoorTrigger for LS15. I have not found that I was not able to reach the author of the MapDoorTriggers another possibility.

The download is the map, a guide to the MapDoorTrigger and three other mods. With the mods it concerns:
1. Stoll Frontloader (Model Giants, food storage ready)
2. Kröger HKD 302 (Model Giants, food storage ready)
3. Kotte Garant TSA / trailer (Model Giants, for sale of manure, feeder)


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Farming mods

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