Sheriff Pickup

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The tires were changed, he got a bull-horn and another. It is equipped with American flashing lights and siren US, which concerns together with the RUL’s and of course from. Furthermore, the driver was upset and scored a hat.

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  1. Dave

    Can you make Forestry Ranger pant job & garb I need it for my logging U.S. Forestry Dep. games. I do like your work, Thanx.

  2. Dave

    I’m sorry to say that this vehicle aside from being able to get in and out of it now, is not as good as you first. In the first place the lights on the light bar are separate from the sound. Here in America we have what is call code two that means you can run lights and no sound, besides the spotlights were very useful. All the lights on the old vehicle are much more desirable. When I was driving in the mountains in the dark and I could see everything as I drove. With this one you can see everything in the dark.

    I liked it better the way they were instead of the way they are. The tires look cheap and plastic. This comes from someone who’s likes your work, . however, the old truck is much better than this one aside from the fact that it locks you inside after it’s turned off. Please don’t be upset with me but I have to tell you the truth the old truck was much better. I would like to also ask you if you could come up with a U.S. Ranger skin for the Forestry Department.. I like you work and thank you for what you did. I still remain a fan. Thank you, Dave. Your vehicle is a really good particularly this truck for multiplayer room for the Admins. who drive them.

    Of course, if you wish to e-mail me with any ideas and you have or comments, please feel free, again, thank you.

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