Shadow Wolf Map V2.4 Update

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This is the last update of this card because I am heavily involved lancer and the reconstruction of such a card takes a long time for this year.

Some I’ve changed and I had to take another out again. For example, the signs have been installed in Map 2.1. Not that there were problems with the paint, or is, or do not like them. But I still have to worry as I verbaue best and above all how I do it I do not often have to invite me. However, they are installed in any case in the map with.

In this version, the freight station was scaled and added a small passenger station. Unfortunately, it was not possible until now incorporate the trains as they really drive me. Despite the classes mods to it here it is not so easy.
Also, two gas stations were replaced. The others are also exchanged.
In the single player card works very well. I can not tell you how it looks but in multiplayer because I could not test (the time just missing me to do so).
The idea of ​​the map is a multiplayer game where several players hold each court independently and manage.
3 courts are available for this.
the pure agriculture, forestry and livestock operation.
However, I have to admit that to me for sheep grazing nothing good is yet occurred. But come time will tell.

As already said, the map is not ready and is constantly being expanded gradually. The buildings will be replaced as soon as nice mods are available.

EinsamerWolf1979, Hellboy1975

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Farming mods

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