Seed Master 2k15 Pack

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Surely you know even the SeedMaster2000 for the LS13 now I present to you the SeedMaster2k15 for the LS15 he is again based on Marhu’s Fermenting silo script was invented and clear of me, and the name and also the look itself. It is a completely new building the SeedMasters2000

The SeedMaster2k15 converts the Giants Standard grains in seed order!
Just go with the included package Brantner seed supporters among the unloading auger from SeedMaster and recharge the seed. Is a prerequisite for the SeedMaster was already filled with grains and already produces seeds, which can take some time.

The values are set as follows:
Capacity: 8000 liters
fruit types: wheat barley rape maize

The generated Fruit type is “seeds2″ seed (stained).
I have deliberately chosen so that it is with the Giants seed no conflicts.
Seed produced per hour are 1600 liters which corresponds to approximately 3.4 hours game time until the SeedMaster is completely filled.

Andy1978, Marhu, weisser

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Farming mods

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  1. brayden

    can u recommend an appropriate trailer to haul seeds with please

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