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This pack is based on the EDEKA trailer with steering axles of the EDEKA Trailer Pack v 1.1 of LF-Bauer.

Version 1.2
Netto und Edeka Trailer hinzugefügt
Sommer Räder aufgelegt
defektes Kühlaggregate repariert

I have carried out some minor modifications, including the support feet extended somewhat.
The HiddeWarningInvalidFillType.lua with integrated, so there are no “has invalid fillType” Warnings from the non-built-up on the map fillTypes.
The trailers can be found all in the category “Schmitz SKO-Cool Pack”.
In Pack 5 different semitrailers (skins) are included.

Lidl Blue
Lidl Yellow (The skin is of hoschi97, known from LS13)
Schmitz S.KO-Cool

Listed are the following fillTypes:
wheat barley rape maize milk milk2 seeds seeds2 sugarbeet sunflower beetPulp washedPotato steamedPotato water lime wood chips potato food potato flour pork Rinderbruehe Eiermix Fusilli Chicken Feed beer bread briquette sugar Motoroil sugar bakery bread bran beer beer canning hops fish pellets dairy forage forage_mixing apple cherry plum peach strawberry jam fruit grape quellwasser fertilizer seeds seeds2 pear cucumber orange tomato apple strawberry cherry, grapes, wine plum bread Oil Motoroil cornflour barleyflour wheatflour cement sandwich pear h_milch h_Milch quark yogurt kaese chili peppers lettuce kohlrabi redcabbage whitecabbage carrot onion flour sugar salt olive oliveoel weizenbier boards Soups wood wooden pallets pellets cauliflower white cabbage tomate_waste weisskohl_waste blumenkohl_waste french fries fried potatoes patty rye bread wheat bread straw bag condensed milk cake salt potting egg Rapsoil cheese butter buttermilk fries beetPulptraubeRot grape white frosting wheat flour rye flour and white wine red wooden wedges spinach pea beans
Eigendlich should indeed each ordinary Multifruit Map have private Multifruit module case. But if not, and concentrated fruits are not loaded. Please info per Pn.
Typo subject to my copyright!

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Modell: hoschi97, LF-Bauer Script: Ifko[nator], Marhu

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