Schmitz Cargobull Set v1.1 HPE

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New filling materials: beet pulp
### 4. Description: Cargobull S.CS with UAL script (automatic loading of bales and Co) for example, Ackendorf
Newly installed ### Liftachse
### 3x new HPE floors (Anti-Slip, wood, screen printing plate)
### 2x new HPE roofs (lateral. + To open forwards)
### Invalid filltypes will no longer appear as an error in the log
### Shear wall now moves almost entirely to the stern
### Support feet are now driving further out (for example, agricultural trucks with greater ground clearance)
### Reflective strips on the rear lights now

Credits:main-model: hoschi97
parts: Siwus (BigBags), GIANTS (potatobox, seedpallet, IPC, sugar pallet), Repi (wheels), hoschi97 (roll container), TheAgraama (Gurte)
Textures/ingame/functions/animations: HoFFi
Scripts: Sven777b, Outlaw, Marhu, igor29381, Saty, Geri-G/Bayn

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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