Schluter Super 1500V 8 Zyl V2.0

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The Schlüter Super 1500V with hood. The model explicitly as Beta released because it has not important LS15 features like the get dirty! Who bothers to simply not load down.


  • Animated steering
  • Animated fittings
  • Animated hydraulic
  • Rear hydraulic lifts off when the drawbar which is hooked
  • Roof a / hideable
  • A front fender / show, steering adapts
  • Realistic exhaust smoke
  • RealisticIndoorCam

The Super 1500V was the first model with the legendary 8-cylinder engine SDM110W8, initially as this without turbochargers. With its 9503ccm displacement he made initially 130HP to 150HP as this tractor. In the version with 150PS he reached a peak torque of 638nm / 1300rpm its own weight is 6500kg, a true giant of 1966-1969.

schlueterfan1977, Eicher Model, Sven777b

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Farming mods

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