Schlüter Profi Trac 3000 TVL V 1.1

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To make it clear, the basic model is of Giants, but it was completely rewritten.

The tractor was equipped with new geingamed and functions:

To open windows and doors
Bel. V3 (working lights, turn signals)
Idle script (key KP + -)
Animated accelerator/clutch pedal

Movement of the inner camera ( when cornering , approach , etc.)
Kaufbares front weight

Real – exhaust particle system (clouds of smoke at start up, heat fibrillation).
Election of the Steering mode (front axle, 4 wheel steering, crab steering).

Wheel Particle scripts
Changing the tire game (wide , narrow)
The narrow tires double mature fade in
180 ° internal camera rotation animation ( More on this )

For the camera rotation animation: I build this function in the meantime all my tractors a, on

Press the button, the indoor camera rotates 180 degrees to the back, you play with

Keyboard is relatively meaningless, but if you like me playing with steering wheel/joystick/gamepad know

The problem that the camera seeeeeehr slowly turns on the control pad, which is EXTREMELY annoying

e.g. when maneuvering. Do you put the function easily on a button on the steering wheel/joystick/gamepad

Ur-Modell: Giants
Umbau, neubau von Teilen: MrFox
Weitere Teile: , Pfreek
Textur: MrFox, Giants, Pfreek
Scripte: modelleicher, Sven777b, Geri-G, fruktor, Templaer, JoXXer
Sounds: NibiZ_Sw3, BjR Modding
Reifen: unbekannt, bitte Melden

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Or are MB -Trac fans:

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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